Photo by Cameron Robert

I’m Angie and I'm a tech aficionado who loves building community and bringing people together. With a background in history, I'm always finding ways to use tech to further social good and solve societal issues. That and I love talking nerdy to just about anyone.

As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, I regularly speak and write on the topic, helping companies reimagine their internal culture. I'm also the founder of Reboot America, an Oakland-based non-profit that builds comprehensive community solutions by bringing together technologists and researchers. Think of Reboot as the action to existing research and discourse.

I’m currently living in Oakland and lead community outreach for the national Tech Jobs Tour, a 50-city workforce development tour promoting economic opportunity and filling 100K tech jobs. 

Previously I've worked as an Engineer Team Support Coordinator at Dropbox, the Developer Relations Manager at Zendesk, interim CEO for BASA Delivery, and an Account Manager at CodeHS.

If you're interested in working together, contact me!