worth i







My skin is my value.

Is my skin really my value?

Tell me what it is worth.


They tell me my skin is worth nothing.

They tell me my skin is 




They want to rub the brown away.

As if under the dark a light will be revealed.

Tell me why they care.

To them, My skin is a threat.


I say

My skin is just my skin.

My skin is not just my skin.

My skin tells a story.

My skin shows the pain.

My skin is mine and mine alone.

What is it's worth?


What is my skin worth

When I am worth everything?


Sunlight slips past the cracks in my curtains illuminating the corners of my room. The light's brightness creeps past the floor and makes its way to my bed, forcing my eyes to see, disrupting my dream. Rolling my body across the bed feels like pushing a cart uphill, but I do it anyway, looking for any sliver of comfort to bring me back, to restart the dream. But it's lost, gone, and not even the memory can find its way back. Sometimes, when I wake, I wonder if what I felt was a dream or real life.

Covering Bar Stools

I feel like everything I do should come with a disclaimer like: "Caution, Angie won't document this for months." I have so much fun making things that I forget to show people or take photos along the way. Sometimes I remember but then I never put them anyway. Here's me trying to make it up to myself.

I bought some super cheap barstools on Amazon because I just needed some barstools, nothing fancy. After I made some pillows for my couch (oh hey, maybe I should blog about that too!), I had some extra fabric and cushion, so I got creative.

My stools were sad, so I fixed that! The first step was to cut some high density foam to fit the top of the stool. Don't worry too much about exactness, as it's going to get covered by fabric. And you'll want the foam to be just a bit larger than the stool.

Super simple, see! Next you'll want to pick out fabric That is large enough to cover the foam entirely and be stapled underneath the stool. The size will depend on the size of your stool and thickness of your foam. My foam is 4" thick and I made my covers snug.


Okay fabric cut and foam made to fit, we're on to the last step! With a staple gun (and staples...), go to town. Just wrap your fabric over the foam and stool and staple the fabric underneath. I like my fabric to be snug so the foam doesn't have a chance to move around. Feel free to trim any extra fabric.

Ta da! Now I have happy stools that match my couch and pillows (and they make me think happy things). What's the last thing you made?

Hanging Desk Project

At the end of last year I decided to finally invest in a desk for my bedroom, but thanks to the SF rental market my room is tiny (9.5' x 9.5'), and I already had a side table and queen mattress. Floor space was hard to come by and I knew adding a desk would remove the remaining freedom I had, so I got creative. I built a custom fitting desk for my room that hangs from the wall and folds up when it's not in use, giving me my free space back. 

Bringing It All Together

The last 6-8 weeks have been some of the most testing weeks of my life. In this recent solitude, I really wanted to hone in on what it is in life that I love. What in life makes me excited? Where does my mind go when it has nothing else to do? Where does it go when it does? What makes me happy?

I spent weeks writing lists on lists on lists of the things I like, why I like them, and if that's something I'd want to do. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. Instead of helping me decide on the one thing I want to do forever, all of the lists and ideas ignited a creative explosion inside of me. 

I love technology and the possibilities it brings to the world. I love painting and physically creating a work of art, a work of expression, something that other people can see and react to. I love music. I am the master playlist curator because music has been a major part of my life since I was a child, and when I couldn't speak, music could. And I love my community and the people around me, because without them, who would I share my work with? Without them, who would inspire me? Without them, why does anything really matter?

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.
— Rumi

I've never fully embraced the creative in me, but in the last couple of months (really since last year), I've felt this incredible pull towards the arts and artistic expression. When I make art, when I share it with the community, when I connect with other artists and help share their work, and when I let my inner child curiously explore the world I'm in, I am happy.

So now what? I art.

I redesigned this site to reflect me, in entirety. To quickly break down the new sections:

  • photography: recent photos of mine I really enjoy
  • music & tech: music ramblings, tech ramblings, and some actual things I put out
  • art: my art outside of music, tech, & photos
  • passions & projects: ideas, thoughts, and projects that I potentially want help with (so help me!)

I hope my art positively reaches and inspires others, and I hope you all enjoy it :)

<3 Angie

p.s. I'm a fucking astronaut.

Kauai 2015

Some friends invited me to Hawaii, so of course I said yes! I got to really practice shooting in all types of light (and lots of rain storms); I think over the 5 days, I took just over 2000 shots, and I actually liked a lot of them. Enjoy!

Dreamland Shoot

One of the things I really like about my dreams is how realistic they are. Nothing in them is ever too farfetched, and it hardly seems like I'm dreaming at all.

One of my more recent dreams featured this alluring character who was trying to pull me back into my room and bed. We were in my room and I had gotten up to do something when I felt this pull to go back near them.

While I lacked a lot the equipment and props that I wanted to recreate the dream in it's entirety, I'm still happy with how these came out. 

Light Painting

When a friend suggests a night of lighting things on fire and taking photos, it's hard to say no. Here's what happened with four friends, steel wool, sparklers, a lighter, and my camera.