Covering Bar Stools

I feel like everything I do should come with a disclaimer like: "Caution, Angie won't document this for months." I have so much fun making things that I forget to show people or take photos along the way. Sometimes I remember but then I never put them anyway. Here's me trying to make it up to myself.

I bought some super cheap barstools on Amazon because I just needed some barstools, nothing fancy. After I made some pillows for my couch (oh hey, maybe I should blog about that too!), I had some extra fabric and cushion, so I got creative.

My stools were sad, so I fixed that! The first step was to cut some high density foam to fit the top of the stool. Don't worry too much about exactness, as it's going to get covered by fabric. And you'll want the foam to be just a bit larger than the stool.

Super simple, see! Next you'll want to pick out fabric That is large enough to cover the foam entirely and be stapled underneath the stool. The size will depend on the size of your stool and thickness of your foam. My foam is 4" thick and I made my covers snug.


Okay fabric cut and foam made to fit, we're on to the last step! With a staple gun (and staples...), go to town. Just wrap your fabric over the foam and stool and staple the fabric underneath. I like my fabric to be snug so the foam doesn't have a chance to move around. Feel free to trim any extra fabric.

Ta da! Now I have happy stools that match my couch and pillows (and they make me think happy things). What's the last thing you made?