Schedule Time for You

I offer 1:1 coaching to ambitious individuals and changemakers looking to move their life and passion to the next level. Whether your goal is climbing the corporate ladder, creating the life you want, getting to the gym, or simply feeling confident in who you are, I am here to support you getting there.

With over 10+ years of work experience, 7+ years of startup hustle, 5+ years navigating Silicon Valley, and my lived experience as a queer, black woman, I’ve learned a thing or two that can help you work through your current challenges.

Curious about how I can help? Schedule a 20-minute call with me and we’ll work through the support you need.

From lost and frustrated to calm and focused, let me help you:

  • Break through your daily blocks

  • Put yourself first

  • Navigate workplace burnout

  • Understand boundaries and how to set them

  • Cope with stress

  • Be consistent

  • Manage your money and rid yourself of financial shame

  • Recognize microaggressions and other daily triggers

  • Understand your body’s needs

  • Fight imposter syndrome

  • Create a life that fits your purpose and passions

  • Organize your creative ideas for action

  • Build energizing relationships that fill you

  • Redirect your focus

  • Finesse your communication

  • Set short and long term goals

  • And more!

We all struggle and there’s no such thing as perfect. I’m here to help ensure you have the right tools, mindset, and safety nets in place for when challenges surface (which they will). Schedule a call at no cost and we can find out if coaching with me is a fit for you.