Reframing Change

What do you wish you could change and what is making you feel stuck?

* Let me preface this by saying yes, I realize there are some things in life entirely out of our control, and in an ideal world, they wouldn’t exist. But they do, so we learn how to accept them because they cannot change. But there are so many things in life that we can change, but choose not to.

That includes change that is hard, time consuming, expensive, requires additional work, extra effort, etc.

So many of us live with the mentality that our lives are set the way they are and we can’t do anything about it. By saying that, you’re choosing the life you have instead of making one you want.

We always have a choice. That doesn’t mean choices are easy or change can happen with the snap of your fingers. It means if we recognize something that brings us pain, isn’t healthy for us, enables sadness, causes us to diminish our worth, etc., you can either accept it or change it.

When I find myself saying, “I can’t do anything about this,” I stop and ask myself:

1. Is that actually true?

2. What would my ideal be, regardless of what I can do?

3. Is it possible to create that ideal with smaller actions?

4. If so, why not: Am I actually helpless or simply afraid?

5. If I do change this, what else changes in response to the new world I’m creating?

6. Am I ready to commit to this change?

So often, it’s not that we don’t have a choice, but that our choice is going to bring change, which brings fear, the unknown, and potential judgement from the people around you who are now affected by your changes. That’s scary.

But guess what? Only you get to decide how you want to live your one life. 

So I’m asking: what do you wish you could change and what is making you feel stuck?

If you want to work through this, download my free guide to reframing change here.

Take a moment to isolate two to three areas of your life you imagine can be different and work through the above questions to make a plan. You can also schedule a free call with me and we can tackle change together.