A Call for Black Perspectives

Say what? I take history and culture very seriously, and representation matters. We have a ton of blogs and publications that talk about the difficulties in tech or the struggles Black people face in the world, but we’re more than just trugglers and hustlers and we have an infinite amount of value and joy to offer the world. We’re critical thinkers wrestling with identities (personal, professional), expectations, judgments, and hope.

Listen to my call below, and if you’re overflowing with internal thoughts and reflection, join me and share them. I’m launching Black Perspectives to be a series of stories and essays sharing Black experiences, histories, thoughts, struggles, dreams, critical reflections, and lives while working in the illustrious and booming tech industry. Documenting these perspectives is vital to ensuring an accurate and present representation of our existence remains long after we do. LISTEN BELOW FOR MORE. (Audio Here, too)

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Inspired by AAIHS and Black Perspectives